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Vendor Spotlight Sheltons Farm

Vendor Spotlight | Shelton's Farm

Shelton's Philosophy: What else would you call it, when a grower gives his chickens & turkeys a biochemical additive in order to make them grow faster? That's what nearly every other poultry grower in America does.

Antibiotics, we realize, don't sound all that sinister. We take them ourselves when we get sick. But in the poultry business, the idea is not to make sick birds well again. The industry practice is to give chickens & turkeys small doses of the drugs in order to cause a bit of water retention, raising the weight of the bird by as much as 15%, thereby cutting a week off of the growing (and feeding) time.

We at Shelton's find the practice not only unethical (selling water weight at the price of poultry), but downright dangerous: low levels of antibiotics can actually weaken the natural ability of the poultrys' immune system to fight off disease. Sorry; we won't do it. Somebody has to draw the line.

The Poseidon is proud to use Shelton Chicken in our "Free Range" Rosemary Chicken Breast - Grilled bone-in breast, goat cheese polenta, garlic sauteed asparagus, pearl onions, porcini mushroom demi-glace.

A Little History Shelton's Turkey Ranch started in 1924 with one hen and one tom that had been given to Mr. & Mrs. Shelton as a wedding gift. It evolved into a champion breeding facility that received many awards for body conformation and feather color. As an offshoot of the trophy breeding business, the Shelton family began growing holiday turkeys for the folks in the Pomona Valley of Southern California. As demand for the broad-breasted Shelton turkey grew, the emphasis was placed on growing turkeys for the holiday market.

When the second generation Shelton farmer, Fred, died in 1969, the Flanagan family, Shelton's largest distributor, purchased the ranch and incorporated it into their own distribution business. They soon added chicken production to the mix and eventually began manufacturing and marketing value added products to the natural foods industry.

From those two turkeys and two people in 1924, Shelton's has grown into the largest Natural Poultry marketer in the country. The basis for all of Shelton's 50 plus products are their own Free Range All Natural Poultry; Chicken, Turkey and Duck.

Shelton's chickens, turkeys and ducks are grown in free range conditions, which is defined by the USDA as ,'having access to the out of doors'. We raise our birds without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants. If any flocks of birds become sick, they are treated with a proper antibiotic and marketed under another label.

Read More on Shelton's Farm Website >>

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