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Poseidon loves Loch Duart Scottish Salmon and you will too!

Seafood Macaroni & Cheese with Loch Duart Salmon | Gouda & le Comte Mornay sauce, Rock Shrimps, Lobster Meat, Loch Duart Smoked Salmon and Green Peas 

Some Background on the Product:  Loch Duart is a very different Salmon Company. The difference begins with our approach to rearing salmon and ends with a product which is consistently judged superior in taste, quality, colour and overall perception, as evidenced by the number of leading international chefs and restaurants which serve Loch Duart farmed salmon by name.

'Best practice' is the principle appliedto Loch Duart salmon at every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply - a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach which defines a long term role for aquaculture as an essential and viable part of the food supply chain of the future.

Stocks of wild fish are dwindling through overfishing - and the global influence of aquaculture is such that in 1999, for the first time, salmon farming produced a greater tonnage than the world's wild atlantic salmon catch and has done so in every subsequent year.

Our ultimate objective is the delivery of an outstanding salmon to the consumer. Here, in the cold, clear waters of northern Scotland, we are using safe, sustainable techniques to produce lean, fit fish - salmon as salmon should be, as one recent 'blogger' told us, rather vividly.

Loch Duart specialises in fresh salmon, supplying gutted Salmon to specialist retailers and fish markets in the UK, Europe and beyond. Rearing is phased to year-round harvesting, ensuring continuity of supply subject only to extreme weather conditions.

A major feature of Loch Duart salmon is the strong similarity in appearance and structure to wild salmon. The fish are slim and torpedo-shaped with fully developed fins and large powerful tails. The whole rearing process is geared to this natural fitness, with low density stocking a major contributory factor.

Loch Duart salmon are tested and monitored through every stage of the rearing process and the results consistently confirm natural levels.

Courtesy of: Loch Duart >> http://www.lochduart.com/

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