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Congratulations to Our Employees of the Quarter


Poseidon Employee of the Quarter Q2 2019Congratulations and Thank You Antonio Xicamul, Dishwasher and Ivan Fernandez, Food Server on being selected for The Poseidon Del Mar's Q2 2019 Employees of the Quarter recognition.

On behalf of the entire Poseidon team than you both for your excellent work ethic, professional attitude and all around dedication to what you do. We couldn't do it without team members like you!

About Our Winners:

Antonio Xicamul, Dishwasher: (AKA - Robot) He started working at the Poseidon six months ago. His work ethic is marvelous and strong, he always helps others when they need help, He is a team player. Everyone at the restaurant loves him. He is very disciplined person. He is punctual and very professional. Whenever someone needs help on tasks or needs their shifts to be covered, Antonio is always there to help. Everyone in the kitchen is happy to work alongside him. He is a great asset to our Poseidon family. Thank you Antonio for your hard work.

Ivan Fernandez, Food Server: Ivan has been at Poseidon for 10 years. He started as a busser, moved to runner/expo, and has found his home as a server for the past 7 years. Ivan embodies the term "team player." He never waits to be asked to work. If he sees something needs to be done, he just does it. More than that, he'll even volunteer to help when there's no need. He stays active from the start of his shift until the end. There's nothing Ivan won't do. He has shown tremendous growth and continues to get better year over year. Thank you Ivan!